Our KM Capability Learning Path is a structured and comprehensive journey that equips individuals and teams with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in Knowledge Management.

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About The Book

This book answers all the questions about what is KM, what is not KM? How to start KM wherever you are? You can employ KM irrespective of the role you are playing and the company you might be working for. This book provides unique insights into invisible knowledge constraints which most of us have taken for granted and hence, we struggle every day in our work, personal life and other areas of life. The same applies to organizations, institutes, Government agencies and research/academia.

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ISO 30401 KMS KMS Program has been designed for beginners in KMS standard. The program will provide an introduction to KMS and then walks the participants on the standard requirements.


ISO 30401 KMS program are for those who want to implement ISO 30401 KMS in their organization. The Course will Cover Wide Topics on the KMS and waltk them through hands on experience developing System and how to comply the requirements as per standard.


Aims at empowering management with complete understanding lifecycle of KM and how it could help organization to continue CI, DT and AI journey with KMS as foundations.

What Will You Get From This Book ?

Enterprise Knowledge Management

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Knowledge Management Function

Learn how to establish KM function, Competency and skills requirements, Organization Structures for an organization.

KM Toolkits

Illustration of Developing custom KM Framework, Processes, methods and approaches for an organization.

Collaboration/Change Management

Learn fundamental knowledge constraints or challenges in any organizations and its complexities.

ISO 30401 KMS

Provides with guidelines, checklists, how to prepare and do gap analysis for compliance and certification

How to - Case Study

Learn how to setup KM in marketing and Sales function step by step with illustration, and examples.

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What's Inside The Book

  • Introduction to KM and the Standard
  • Concept
  • Human, Civilization, Knowledge Field
  • The Standards
  • ISO 30401:2018 KMS
  • Universal Knowledge Management Challenges
  • World of Knowledge Constraints
  • Advantages of Knowledge Management Systems
  • Organizational Learning
  • Knowledge Economy
  • Organization and Individual
  • KMS Scope – Breadth and Width
  • Mapping the Organizational Landscape
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • KMS Lifecycle and Framework
  • Marketing and Sales Functional KM Design
  • Leadership
  • Knowledge Management Policy
  • Roles, Responsibility and Authorities
  • Planning
  • Knowledge Development Process
  • Knowledge Enablers
  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Governance
  • KM Programs
  • KM Culture
  • Support
  • Competencies
  • Group/Project/Individual Level KM
  • KMS Standalone
  • Enterprise KM
  • National KM
  • Operations
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Monitoring Measurement Analysis and Evaluation
  • KM Audits
  • External Audits
  • Continuous Improvement

Who This Book Is For


Supports Management in Developing effective KM Policy and Establishing Formal KM in organizations.

Middle Management

Provides insigths as to how managers plays key and pivotal role in Knowledge exchange and management in large and medium scale enterprises.

KM Novices

Students of IM, KM, CS, Etc.

KM/IM Professionals

Provides step by step gap analysis to fulfill ISO 30401 KMS requirements.

IT Professionals

Supports in developing stand alone KM systems.

Domain Specialists

Supports in establishing Sharing culture across organization.

Technology Specialists

Provides holistic view of Enterprise Knowledge management to develop effective KM IT System solutions.

Pre-Launch Videos

A unique platform where KM has been launched for the first time in Digital Market.